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We are pleased to be able to offer low cost quality sterilizations for dogs and cats in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. In addition to providing spay and neuter surgeries we can provide a few other basic services for your pet while they are here for surgery. Vaccinations are available for both dogs and cats, as are Advantage applications and microchip implantations. Pre-surgical bloodwork can be done for both dogs and cats. Cats can also be treated for intestinal worms and tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV.

Fee Schedule for Baton Rouge Spay/Neuter

Female dog (spay)$105.00
Male dog (neuter)$75.00
Female cat (spay)$65.00
Male cat (neuter)$45.00
*males with an undescended testicle will be charged an extra $30.00
presurgical bloodwork$50.00
feluk/fiv test (cat)$30.00
profender (cat) dewormer

Surgery scheduling protocol

Surgeries are performed on Mondays through Thursday by appointment only. Male cats are an exception to the appointment rule but must follow the same procedures. The morning of your appointment you can drop your dog off at 7am or your cat at 7:30am. You must bring in your driver's license and the proof of your pet's rabies vaccination. There is a form that you can print and have filled out when you arrive. Please be sure the name on the form matches the name on the drivers license of the person that brings the animal. We do require that the surgery and any additional procedures be paid in advance so please be prepared to settle your bill at the time of drop-off. Accepted methods of payment are Visa, MasterCard, Discover card, and cash.

To schedule your dog to be spayed or neutered you just need to call the Baton Rouge Spay/Neuter clinic at (225)218-1296. We do not spay female dogs while they are in heat due to potential surgical complications. The ideal time to spay your dog is before she comes into heat for the first time. If she is older or goes into heat before you can schedule her please allow three weeks for the heat cycle to finish before scheduling the spay. Male dogs can be neutered at any time after four months of age but please let the receptionist know at the time of surgery scheduling if he does not have both testicles descended. It is healthiest for your dog to be current on vaccinations before the surgery is done. If the dog has never been vaccinated then it is best to have the vaccinations done about a week before surgery. All dog spays and neuters do spend the night after the surgery.

Cat spays can be scheduled any time after the cat is older than four months of age. We will spay a cat even if she is in heat and can vaccinate her at the same time (but we highly recommend vaccinating her a week before any surgery). Male cats do not require an appointment unless they do not have both testicles descended. Male and female cats do go home the same day of the surgery between 5 pm and 7 pm.

Phone hours:
8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
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